Close your eyes for a moment. See in your mind’s eye the spectacular grandeur and natural beauty of this planet that we call home. Our great planet Earth has natural riches and awe-filled wonders that have nourished humanity since its dawn.

Unfortunate as it is, today the Earth is suffering. Strained from the massive environmental burdens that we ourselves continually create, we have put our precious planet at massive risk.

We must find new ways to deliver the world’s capital assets sustainably, reducing the negative environmental impact of the facilities we construct and operate. And we must do so while helping emerging economies learn and grow with their own commitments to complete sustainability.

Enter Jovian Ventures, a unique startup business facilitator whose primary purpose is to foster a smarter planet by creating circular economies. We focus on creating sustainable circular economies through zero-waste building initiatives, cost-effective high-tech robotic cleanup technologies, and environmentally sound solutions for growth in emerging economies.

As Jovian Ventures launches startups focused on sustainability solutions, it will provide powerful support to entrepreneurs within the Jovian universe, helping them deliver products to market while continuing to promote the public message about our planet’s critical need for sustainability.

Want to change the world? Then consider joining us as we lift off to take “one giant leap”—right now, today—into a beautifully sustainable future.